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You came here quite deliberately, because this is not an ordinary site for quick and easy dating. We advise you to carefully read this article to understand what you should expect from registration on this platform, and what you definitely won’t find here.

Most often it happens according to the following scheme: Greeting → Acquaintance (as far as possible remotely) → Correspondence and continuation of acquaintance → Discussion of meeting details → Exchange of contacts → Correspondence 2 → Correspondence 3, etc. .d.

After exchanging contacts, people can meet. Some parts of the circuit are interchangeable, others can be omitted altogether (it happens in any case, because life is something that cannot be fully calculated). And here there is a very important point, in fact, it is the key of this post.

In the process of acquaintance via the Internet, a person constantly “wonders” who is hiding behind a bizarre avatar or a pretty preview (a small-sized and lightweight reduced copy of a real photo, which serves as a kind of icon-link on dating sites). This is how our psyche works. Of course, in this case it is impossible to convey everything that is transmitted during real communication - facial expressions, voice timbre, speech features, other non-verbal components. It is now widely known that communication consists not so much of words as of non-verbal signals (on average 80% of communication is not words).

Therefore, the missing data is compensated by the features of the letter - emoticons, dashes, commas, exclamation marks, phrase style, etc. And then there is an elementary process from the point of view of psychology - the formation of the image of the interlocutor. The first, most important and significant image. It is incredibly stable and almost always false (this is explained by the different level of printing abilities of people - who knows how to write cool, but the partner / friend from him is useless, and a person who does not know how to put emotions and meaning into writing turns out to be a more pleasant interlocutor in real life).

Subsequently, or rather, when meeting in real life, for this reason disappointment arises, which is the product of comparing a previously "invented" interlocutor with a real one. It can be said so: dissatisfaction with the original; the person you are texting with is always different. Because most online dating is unsuccessful and has the corresponding fame, perhaps… And all because of the exuberant imagination!

In other words, more often than not, lengthy correspondence harms possible relationships. Nightmare! Is this type of communication bears only negative traits? Fortunately not. As it turned out, correspondence allows a person to overcome some barriers in communication - to become more talkative, eloquent and liberated. This explains the bewilderment of girls when they come to a dating site. Almost all the girls with whom I corresponded (and this is more than 1.5 thousand) are sure that there are few normal people on the network (on all kinds of dating sites), and its main contingent is people with strange manic inclinations and an unstable psyche. A very small part hopes to find a life partner (or, to the extreme, a partner). At first they are surprised at the offers to have sex and laugh. Very quickly it starts to annoy and annoy. But is there at least one maniac among men dating sites? No. What they offer is only an increased secret desire. They do not have the courage to say this to a pretty girl in real life (and this is understandable), but on the net they get such an opportunity. Girls, these are quite normal guys who got the freedom to express their thoughts, they should not be afraid, etc. It’s enough to say something like: “I don’t mind having sex with you in the future, but if you want everything to be chocolate, stop thinking with what you think now and invite …” If the guy is normal, he will see a chance to make normal relations and will stop grinding nonsense. Even turn into a real prince, gallant and self-confident. In that case, if he responds again and again about sex, then you yourself know what to do :)

To summarize. Long correspondence does not allow people to know each other, only creates illusions of acquaintance. It is not a complete substitute for lively, healthy communication. Single men on the network break down and often write extremely obscene that they would never tell a girl in real life. Online dating has a number of advantages over real dating. Advantages: a huge, almost inexhaustible resource - a lot of girls and guys; obvious or revealed interest in dating (in most cases, such sites come for a reason); selection “like products in the store”, i.e. the ability to choose according to age, marital status and other criteria; free of charge; speed.

What do we offer?

Firstly, we are an officially registered person who represents the interests of single people and helps them find a soul mate. Simply put, polish-brides.com is an online platform for informed dating, which should eventually lead to marriage. We have collected a ready-made database of Polish girls who voluntarily provide their data in order to find a life partner. Polish-brides.com is not just a chat for one-time communication and leisure, it is a serious organization engaged in the selection and mixing of two lonely hearts. Here you won’t find girls for one night or dating for one evening.

If you are serious, ready to build a family, tired of the monotonous lonely life, then you are in the right place at the right time. All Polish girls from the base pursue the same goals without any selfish intentions.

In order to become a user of the site, it is enough to register and pass a check on the accuracy of the data provided. This is necessary in order not to mislead the girls from the base and provide them with the correct information. We use data encryption, which protects against the transfer of personal information to third-party sites. The security service ensures that personal information does not go beyond our site.

After registration, you can start choosing a Polish life partner. To do this, we provide filters that can be used both for searching by external parameters, and by age, education, interests and other criteria.

Services for dating at the peak of popularity. Here you can meet an interesting person and chat with him, but real dates happen live. And the success of the new relationship largely depends on what happens at the first meeting.

Taking relationships offline optimally 2-3 weeks after a virtual acquaintance. At this point, it becomes clear whether to continue the communication.
When it's time offline: 5 tips for online dating

1. Be prepared for disappointment

At the first meeting, virtual acquaintances often seem to each other less attractive than they expected. This was confirmed by a study that I conducted with colleagues from the University of Illinois.

People tend to idealize a potential partner. They make assumptions based on information in the profile. But this data is not always true. But do not let this prevent you from continuing your acquaintance.

2. Do not drag out communication online

Another surefire way to form unrealistic expectations is to communicate too long to get to know each other better. Often people have been having intimate conversations on the Internet for several months, but in the real world, chemistry does not occur between them.

3. Be honest

Anonymity on the Internet has the effect of embellishing some details or keeping silent about something. Try to treat your profile on a dating site as a contract. Let the information about you be positive, but realistic.

4. Do not jump to conclusions

Many use online dating to find the perfect partner. But people themselves do not know for sure which of the qualities listed by them will be attractive when meeting with a real person. For example, with a spontaneous acquaintance in transport or at a party, you will not begin to measure a person’s height. But in the profile you write: not lower than 180 cm. You need to understand which features are really important to you and which do not have much significance.

5. On the first date, go to the bar

Physical anthropologist Helen Fisher believes that on a first date, it is enough to drink a cocktail. So you do not spend a lot of time and money and look at each other. Millennials consider an invitation to dinner at a restaurant to be something out of date. Let everything be simple on the first date and you will save money for the second.

The Internet has made communication convenient and easy, but do not get involved in virtuality. Only live communication will show if the potential partner has a chance to become real.

Next, you are already starting to communicate with your chosen polish woman. You can start communication in a regular chat, after which, by mutual agreement, you can go online broadcasting and chat using the camera. If the girl does not agree to the broadcast for the first time, do not insist. Perhaps this mail order bride wants to verify the seriousness of your intentions and get to know you better. Maintain communication on neutral topics, tell about your interests and goals in life, what would you like from a future wife. In general, check if your values ​​and beliefs for a life together coincide.

We also advise you to learn the culture of a Polish girl. For example, what traditions and ordinary ones exist, how they raised her and how she plans to raise her children. Try to get the most information using our communication platform. We recommend initially to get to know the girl as best as possible so as not to waste time and material resources on trips. Indeed, in the modern world such platforms for communication provide a range of communication services, saving you time and money. So why not?

If you have a desire to please a person with whom you have been chatting for quite some time, you can send a virtual gift that our service provides. Gifts vary in cost, but in any case, the girl will appreciate your attention and will be glad. In addition, you can order a bouquet of flowers for the girl at home, which will also be a wonderful manifestation of attention and seriousness of your intentions.

When you feel that it is time to take communication with your mail order bride to a new level, you can already talk with the girl on this topic and discuss the details of the meeting. If you don’t know how to talk about it, you can always seek help from qualified specialists of our service. For example, a psychologist will gladly help you find the right words and teach you how to care for Polish brides.

Who are we happy with on polish-brides.com?
First of all, it is worth saying that we are glad to absolutely everyone here. But if you pursue any mercenary goals, seek profit or try to attempt fraud, our security service will block your profile and the next time you will not be able to get to our platform.

If you are looking for the perfect wife and sincerely believe that this can be done at polish-brides.com, then we will provide you with the best conditions for using the platform. We are truly happy and willing to help such users as much as possible.

All the girls from the base are set for adult relationships with further meetings, dates, getting to know parents and building a family. They undergo a thorough check on the accuracy of the information provided so as not to mislead men. They are also warned that in the event of a fraud attempt, their profiles will also be blocked and deleted from the database.

Why are we better than others?

At first glance, it might seem that all dating sites are built on the same principle and pursue the same goals. Perhaps this is the case with other sites, but not with polish-brides.com. Firstly, exclusively Polish brides are present on our platform. You will not find others here, even with a great desire.

Secondly, all registered users are checked for the accuracy of the information provided. Description of any profile, date of birth, interests - everything is true. Not a single page will be available until it passes the test. This is your opportunity to create a new unit of society from scratch. Starting with a simple chat, ending with the registration of marriage with the best mail order bride.

Fourthly, cases of fraud on our online site are minimized and excluded to the maximum. It is not only in your interests, but also in ours. Since we value our reputation and plan to continue to conduct legitimate activities with good reviews.

Fifth, the service is designed in such a way that the customer is satisfied. For example, at your disposal is the help of qualified specialists who are ready to help you with solving the problem, as well as a round-the-clock support service. Moreover, we provide translation services, not only on the site itself, but also on the road. So the language barrier will definitely not prevent you from enjoying communication with mail order polish bride.

Another advantage over other sites is the ease of use of the service. After all, to understand where this or that section is located can be purely intuitive. Well, and as a small bonus - graphic design, which just makes the platform pleasant for perception.

Fraud and fake accounts

We go to the pharmacy for medicine, and to the bakery for bread, and not vice versa! If your life does not have enough romantic relationships, it’s logical to try to establish them where everyone wants to get rid of loneliness. Think over your virtual image, it should not be over-embellished (especially if you are counting on a real acquaintance), but also do not allow patterns and platitudes. Your task is to interest a man, and for this you will have to stand out from several tens or even hundreds of profiles on the site. Moreover, your message should attract the men who you need, and not all in a row, like a photograph of a pop diva in the nude style. Immediately determine what you need - a light romance, sex without commitment, cordial friendship with an intimate connotation, or an early wedding. Warn potential applicants tactfully but firmly. Do not rush to a date in real life, but the prolonged correspondence (unless you crave the purity of a virtual-platonic novel) should alert you. Perhaps this person is not at all what he is trying to seem? Even if during the correspondence you have a lot in common with your virtual acquaintance - do not rush to fall in love until your first real date. Perhaps his appearance or manners will seem so unpleasant to you that you would prefer to interrupt your acquaintance. And perhaps - they will no longer matter, because you will finally meet love, respect and mutual understanding!

It's safe?

In any case, it is safer than dating on the street, in a cafe or a random company. Not all people still have free access to the World Wide Web, and those who have, as a rule, are well educated, have stable jobs, and, on the contrary, do not have a criminal record, and are also free from drug and alcohol addiction. Most often, young men aged 25-35 years who are ready for a new relationship and a new way to start this relationship prefer to meet on the Internet.

With a virtual acquaintance, you yourself can control the speed of development of your relationship and the degree of closeness. You can keep your anonymity for as long as you see fit, and risk only the fact that your email address becomes a target for spam (by the way, do not forget to have a separate mailbox for personal correspondence!)

This is dangerous?

Unfortunately, the risk of running into a swindler and a scammer, a person mentally unstable or just having fun in a bizarre way, always exists. Do not rush to tell your correspondent the address of the house, phone number and bank card number. Do not provide personal data in the first letter that makes it easy to calculate (for example, place of work and position). This completely natural precaution will avoid many troubles!

You should have already written that occurrences in the world should be minimal. In order to avoid such cases, we ask users to communicate. If you already communicate long enough and enjoy each other’s trust. This may cause suspicion, and we may contact the security service or chat for help.

In addition, when your interlocutor complains about his financial situation and asks You can’t see either your interlocutor or your own money. At the verification stage, we track that the photos have been posted. A difficult moment to investigate. If you want your photo not to be in your profile, we also recommend that you let us know.

The benefits of talking with Polish girls

Unlike other girls, the culture and upbringing of Polish girls is truly respected. After all, they are distinguished by fidelity, true manners and good education. Good enough in the household, caring and loving. To create a cozy dinner, prepare a delicious dinner, correctly educate children and pay enough attention to your beloved man.

Even if you are not quite ready for marriage, you must become a husband for such a beautiful woman. This all happens exactly as it should.

Parents of such girls are truly hospitable and always happy to meet new people. They were happy.

In order to experience all the benefits of communicating with Polish brides. To go through a simple registration. If after reading this article you still have questions, you can write to us about it. We suggest that you register, upload your photos, fill out a short form about yourself and start using the site! You can find your Polish mail order bride.