Found scammers? Contact us!

Unfortunately, cases of fraud are only increasing recently, despite careful attempts to eradicate them. Most often scammers use the same methods and their goal is to get money. If you know about these methods, you can not fall for the tricks of scammers.

Our polish –brides platform has a reliable protection system and prevents against such cases, nevertheless, do not lose your vigilance and, in case of any suspicion, contact the support service.

Polish girls were tested for the accuracy of the information provided, therefore, even at the stage of selection, we approved only those brides who are really tuned to build relationships. If you assume that the girl has no serious intentions, send us her profile and we will find out what she needs.

Also, if there are no photos in the girls profile and they refuse to send them to you, perhaps the goals of creating a profile on this platform were different.

Cases are common when girls invite you to meet, but they don’t have enough money to get to you. Do not rush to immediately transfer money to a ticket to their account, it is better to buy her an electronic ticket. And be sure to tell us when the girl will ask you for money. Most likely, she does not need any ticket at all.

It is possible that the brides say that they sent you a gift, but you need to pay for its delivery. An invoice for payment immediately arrives, but after crediting the funds, it turns out that there was no gift.

Another trick of fraudsters is a situation when a girl reports that she is in trouble and she needs financial assistance. For example, she needs to pay a fine, without which she will not be able to get out of the police or reshoot the border. Do not believe in this, this is another attempt to get money.

In any case, which makes you suspicious, do not hesitate to let us know. Only through feedback from you will we be able to eradicate fraud attempts together. It’s better to make a mistake once than to fall for the scam trick.